Vision wins Dutch A-class Nationals 2011

Dutch A-class Nationals are sailed with challenging and light condition with the last day in moderate winds.
The prediction given about the weather/wind forecast was giving was completely correct with high winds on the Friday and Saterday and light to moderate winds on the Sunday.
The organisation was done by Hellecat and again they deserved a big tumbs up because it was again perfectly done.

Friday 09 july
In the morning a lot of the competitors from outside Holland where already arrived and where preparing the boats for a day hard work on the water because the wind was strong and it looked that it was on the edge. We had 38 competitors on the list but around the half of them where not going out because of the conditions ( constant 18 and gusts far into the 20's ). There where 3 days scheduled and the RC did manage to make 2 races with an increasing wind so the last race was cancelled.
After the first day there was Chris Field and Sjoerd Hoekstra in the lead on equal points with PJ Dwarshuis 3 rd.

Day 1 results
1. Sjoerd Hoekstra ( Vision ) 2,1 Total 3
2. Chris Field ( Vision ) 1,2 Total 3
3. Pieter Jan Dwarshuis ( DNA ) 3,3 Total 6

Saturday 10 July
On Saturday the wind was moderate and the start was early to have enough races to make the championship valid because the wind would increase during the day to at least 25 knots and bigger gusts ( this was also correct).
The wind was shifty in the beginning and PJ was making the best use of it wind good sailing and a bullet in the first race and Sjoerd on his tail for second and Roeland 3rd. The wind was increasing during race 2 and on race 3 it was again survival mode on the downwind. A big part of the fleet came back on race 3 because of this.

Day 2 results
1. Sjoerd Hoekstra ( Vision ) 2,1,(2),1,1 Total 5
2. Chris Field ( Vision ) 1,2,4,(4),2 Total 9
3. Pieter Jan Dwarshuis ( DNA ) 3,3,1,3,(4) Total 10

Sunday 11 July
On Sunday we finally had some good weather and wind condition so everybody was on the water and we started with around 10 knots of wind and with 4 races scheduled it would be a good sailing day. The top of the fleet was going fast again and Chris and Sjoerd where actually fighting for the title with smart sailing of Chris he did manage to win race 1 of the day and Sjoerd 3th and Matthias Dietz 2nd.
The 2nd race was also with around 10 knots of wind but decreasing and with that a lot of shifts and wind holes where there what made it difficult. Theo van Hilten did a fantastic starboard start and finished the race in 2nd place behind Sjoerd and in front of Chris ( all of them on a Vision , happy us ).
The wind was dying further and with light conditions race 3 was sailed with again a lot of wind shifts and Roeland was making the best of it with a bullet and Nigel Lovett 2nd and Chris 3rd. Sjoerd had a BFD what forced him to sail the last race in a building wind to 10-12 knots. Perfect conditions.In the last race Chris did what was needed and did win the race but with Sjoerd 2nd and Jaap Straakenbroek 3rd the title was for Sjoerd Hoekstra.

Final results
1. Sjoerd Hoekstra ( Vision ) 2,1,2,1,1,(3),1,(BFD),2 Total 10
2. Chris Field ( Vision ) 1,2,(4),(4),2,1,3,3,1 Total 13
3. Pieter Jan Dwarshuis ( DNA ) 3,3,1,3,4,(25),4,(16),6 Total 24
4. Roeland Wentholt ( DNA ) 4,(DNC),3,5,3,5,(10),1,5 Total 26
5. Theo van Hilten ( Vision ) 6,5,7,8,6,(9),2,6,(10) Total 40
6. Gabriel Wicke ( Flyer 1) 8,(11),(14),6,5,4,6,5,7 Total 41
7. Guido Schulte ( DNA ) 7,6,6,2,(11),6,(12),4,11 Total 42
8. Tjibbe Veelo ( DNA ) 9,7,(11),7,(DNC),8,7,11,8 Total 57
9. Nigel Lovett ( Tool ) 11,8,8,(13),7,12,(14),2,13 Total 61
10. Matthias Dietz ( Nikita ) (DNC),(DNC),10,9,9,2,5,BFD,4 Total 78

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